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"Continued improvement of operations is our way. We selected
NEXUM as a credit management solution to fully integrate into our
Finance Operation. We see NEXUM as part of our team, their
knowhow and approach is helping us achieve our longer term
Performance/ Target Monitoring
Whether you need to monitor your own businesses performance or that set by clients, NEXUM has a facility to set targets against individual collectors, business units, clients and portfolios of debt. Targets can include activities accomplished, cash collected, instalments set-up, Days Sales Outstanding reduced, legal actions completed, diary entries cleared. Comprehensive reporting provides an exceptional overview of Key Performance Indicators.
Activity Recording & Analysis
Each activity within NEXUM can be recorded and reported against. For monitoring your team members success at achieving results, comparison s can be made against a range of individuals and their activities. For customer accounts/ debtors NEXUM records actions taken recording the number of promises broken, calls made, letters received/sent, payments made and failed. This information can then be used by NEXUM within the collection strategies.
Cash Forecasting
Forecasting payments due is critical within the collections process. NEXUM is able to record and monitor promised payments and instalment plans together with other scheduled items. Analysis is available to identify whether the payments due will be by cash, cheque, direct debit, credit card or direct bank payment. If the customer/debtor has previously failed to make a scheduled payment NEXUM can identify these accounts helping to apply potential risk to future scheduled items. Actual cash flow is compared against forecast allowing you to make accurate judgments.
Online Enquiry & Self Service facility
Either internal departments will need access to NEXUM or external clients will require it – either way NEXUM’s Online Enquiry and mobile applications are unrivalled in the market. Dispute Resolvers will act as an extension of your credit team and be able to react and reply to customer disputes; external clients will have access to key account information, be able to send new instructions, add comments and record payments. Copies of bills, statements, documents and agreements are also available to download.
Billing and Transactional processing
Each activity in NEXUM can be costed based on a scalable rate which can either be a sliding value or a percentage calculation. Law firms and debt collection agencies can create comprehensive charging structures for each client while corporate departments can create inter company billing templates. Transactions can be exported to accounting and other system types.
Credit & Risk Information Integration
NEXUM provides a historically analysis of Your experience when dealing with a customer /debtor, however the experiences of others is equally important. NEXUM has the facility to incorporate a range of credit and risk scores against each record, this information can then be used to analyse collection activity and steer the account down a different direction based on the stored scores. An alert system can be set- up to notify you when circumstances change, to support this NEXUM also integrates with the London Gazette updating accounts daily with any adverse information.
Credit Control objectives"
Call Recording/ telephony Integration
The telephone has always been a powerful tool to a credit controller/manager or collector. How the telephone is used and the outcome of the call offers a powerful insight into your collections effectiveness. NEXUM provides a facility to automatically record calls at specific points within your collections strategy. Calls can also be schedule and statistics recorded relating to performance. This module is a powerful tool to aim organisations required to comply with either legislation or industry regulations.
Strategy & Policy Review
You will appreciate the importance of reviewing your collections strategy and amending your policy/ strategy. NEXUM provides an interactive management information dashboard enabling you to review the performance of each current strategy and make comparisons against alternatives. The review can drill down to individual teams and collectors, debt portfolios, clients and collection activity.
Third Party Agent Portal
At some stage of the collection process you may need to instruct an agent wither for tracing or third party collections. The
NEXUM module enables you to pass information electronically to a agents. An agent can either be allowed to view and update information or can import the information into their own system. NEXUM provides performance monitoring and you can create targets for agents.
Multi Currency & Jurisdiction
NEXUM supports additional currencies and languages. The system also allows you to create legal and compliance procedures for multiple jurisdictions.
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