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"We selected NEXUM with high expectations and are
pleased with the outcome. The NEXUM teams know-how
has helped us optimise our operation, supported by
consistent high levels of service"
Accounting & ERP Systems
By integrating with your existing accounting, ERP or A/R system NEXUM is able to process individual customer accounts based on rules contained within the user definable strategies. These strategies are able to reflect your existing credit strategy and ensure that each account is actioned accordingly. NEXUM provides an aged analysis, allows you to record DSO, Credit Limits and Credit Scores. Customer accounts can match your existing commercial hierarchal structure reflecting business units, groups, parent companies, countries and regions.
Strategic Account Collections
Each account whether at the Accounts Receivables, Collections or Legal stage can follow a specific strategy. These strategies are user definable and contain conditional processing which looks for specific information on an account then process it according to a rulebook. This is an excellent method of processing accounts based on value, risk, arrears, number of broken promises, location etc.
Dispute / Complaint Management
Often a number of accounts can result in Queries, payment disputes or complaints. It is an important feature of NEXUM that it is able to reduce the manual effort in managing such accounts.. Specific functionality exists within NEXUM to record a complaint or
a dispute, the reason with detail of the
claim, then assign it to a resolution workflow.
These workflows can also have compliance Checks built in to ensure resolution within a specific time-frame and escalate the account if it remains unresolved for a specific period.
Cash Application & Reconciliation
A large proportion of payments will be made directly into your bank accounts either as a giro payment, standing order, direct debit or direct transfer. Analysing these payments, reconciling and allocating them to specific accounts within NEXUM can significantly reduce time.
Credit & Debit Card Processing
Having the ability to negotiate a settlement with a debtor and take immediate payment is a crucial part of the process. NEXUM has an integrated card processing module that validates a card, checks the available balance then processes the payment into your designated bank accounts.
Direct Debit Integration
If your business currently offers customers/debtors the facility to pay via direct debit you will be aware of the level of administration arising through the process. NEXUM provides a BACS approved paperless Direct Debit feature. This NEXUM feature allows you to create a Direct Debit in real time with the debtor on the telephone, with no forms to sign the instruction is sent electronically to the customer/ debtors bank account. As payments are received they are automatically loaded into the correct account within NEXUM.
Debt Purchase Management
For organizations purchasing debt NEXUM has some specific features to help you manage individual portfolios of accounts. Each portfolio or debt book can contain funding information, targets, account charges and specific collection strategies and activities. Along side this resides a range of Management Information sheets containing Key Performance Indicators. Understanding how you have performed on each debt book and calculating profitability based on collections and the cost of activities is highly valuable.
Legal Action and Debt Management
As standard NEXUM provides a full range of legal processes to cater for consumer, commercial, secured and unsecured forms of debt recovery. From County/ High Court actions through to Bankruptcy and Insolvency procedures , NEXUM provides all the relevant calculation of fee’s, costs and interest together with the generation of court actions, forms and due dates in accordance with legal procedures.
Bankruptcy & Insolvency actions
Making an individual bankrupt and winding- up an insolvent company is usually an action of last resort. The process itself requires specific expertise and NEXUM enables a practitioner to handle an account from the initial production of the Statutory Demand through to Bankruptcy Petition, the hearing, defences and Winding Up proceedings.
Secured Debt & Asset Management
The devil is in the detail and managing Secured Debts relies heavily on detail and information. NEXUM provides the facility to store detailed information regarding the assets to which the debt is secured to. Assets can range from property, vehicles, boats, planes etc.
Integrated Management Information
NEXUM provides different levels of management information ranging from standard reports through to web based interactive tools monitoring Key Performance Indicators and core metrics such as Days Sales Outstanding, Collector Performance Monitoring, Broken Promises and Enforcement Type effectiveness. With Full integration with Excel and output to PDF and Web pages, any requirement can be catered for,
Detailed Cost Budgeting
Whether you are managing your own accounts or collecting on behalf of a client knowing how much you are spending will
be of enormous interest and value to your organisation. The NEXUM Budgeting Module enables you to set ‘spend’ limits specifically aimed at costs associated with collections. Budgets can be set at client/ portfolio level and each account/debt is monitored in real time against the budget. If a budget is near to being reached
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